My new space…

1120141554ais pretty darn groovy! It took more than a bit of wiggling to get all this (plus a whole lot more that you can’t see) into a 10′ x 12′ space and have room enough left to play in. I’m proud of me!

And more than happy that the music is going well, as is most everything else.


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Found ‘Em…

A local play group, I mean. The “Hilltop Gang” meets every Wednesday afternoon. They are easy to like, and to play with; more than good enough for now!

The folk festival was a heady experience and the dulcimer festival in Albuquerque was, as always, phenomenal. No details on either because my computer crashed so I’m blogging via Kindle and  smart phone, so keeping things short.

Later… who knows?

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Catching up is hard to do, but…

as predicted in the last post we did, finally, score a home in Cordes. The buy closed at the end of August and we moved in on September 4th.

A well-done deal; we’re settling in and muddling through the “afters”, i.e. the never-ending unpacking, record updates, utility change-outs, repairs, unpacking, restocking and, best of all, the after-the-fact ‘oopses’ that keep you running well past the move-in date.

Like discovering that the cable company who said “of course” when you gave them the new location before the move, but bailed when you called them after, so you have to drive a mere 36 miles to return the box you kept because they said you could… and then they gig you $423 for it anyway because your account was on autodraft????

I could go on but to little point. The upside is that, most of the major hassles are at least in process, and life is scrabbling back to some kind of new normal that we can begin to enjoy.

My fiber cum music studio is up and running. I am practicing daily again, returning to jams and open mics that I frequented before the move, and searching actively for those closer in.

I’m also looking for a friendly (nearby) street or three to strum on.

This weekend I’m headed to a birthday party jam on Saturday and the folk music festival in Prescott on Sunday. And in two more weeks I’ll be off to Albuquerque for the New Mexico dulcimer festival.

Am I excited? Hell no, I’m justifiably ecstatic!

Or would that be certifiably…?

Stay tuned.


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My RE Agent Made Me Write This…

and she’s right. If I don’t keep in touch with all of my creative sides during this process I really will go head-banging crazy. And that is not a good thing when you are leaving a rental and they want it left pristine.

The good thing is that we’re maybe (probably?) nearly there. After several tries, we found yet another place in Cordes Lakes that we love, which passed inspection AND whose seller and agent are working with us to get the deal done.

Yay. Finally… now all we have to do is make it through appraisal, final loan approval and all the other pounds of paper and legal extras that come with this game.

And finish sorting, packing, cleaning, giving away, etc…

Which is where the music comes in.

It isn’t only the sad ballads that move me now. Old time music has a lot of upbeat, fun, and fun to play tunes, and I need that. Even a few stolen minutes with dulcimer or psaltery in hand is a wonderful break from current reality.

Sharing music with others helps too, though I’m finding that my mood determines comfort level. If I’m feeling good then jamming, playing on the street or at open mic is fun, relaxing, recharging; if my mood is ‘other’ then I’m more likely to be tight and arguing with the stage-fright devil hanging off my shoulder. Maybe I should just bang away on the bodhran until he goes away???

No matter; one way or another we will have a home soon.

Also lots of memories – the good kind and otherwise – plus a whole new collection of skills and experience.

More on that later.


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Moving House Sucks

The deal I wrote about in the last post crashed; we are still looking for home…

And it’s turning out to be way harder than we thought it would. We seem to be bidding for low-priced housing against folks who are looking for a ‘rip & flip’ or a ‘leave and lock’… apparently they have cash; we have a pre-approved loan with conditions.

Other surprises: dealing with folks (in the deal that crashed this was both seller’s agent AND seller!) who are living in a fantasy world where appraised value — and condition — have nothing to do with either the asking price OR a seller’s responsibility to disclose and repair, or at least to say up front that they are selling ‘as is’ BEFORE we agree to crank out scarce cash for appraisal and inspections.

Oh well… hope they wise up before the termites munch their way into the foundation.

Meanwhile we continue to sort, pack, and sell what we can. And keep on looking.

What does this have to do with old-time music? Not a whole lot— except that I’m really starting to appreciate the old songs that speak to loss and struggle, about leaving home. And to enjoy the gift of stolen time, those few afternoons when I’m able to spend some time picking with friends.

At least I got my go-to dulcimer fitted with a (very overdue) set of strings this afternoon. Onward…

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Are We Moved Yet?….

Not quite; actually, we’re still in the muddle of escrow, of offer and counter and who pays for what. Just got the appraisal today (definitely in our favor), so expecting another round or three.. more patient heads than mine are counseling, “soon… it will be over soon.”

So I’m listening. And packing. And sorting to sell. Sitting garage sales on the weekend, listing on Craigslist, holding extended conversations with service representatives who pitch their latest list of non-essentials while I work to set dates and times – and NOT crash the budget – for a utility transfer that may not happen… yet.

Since it’s our landlord who is selling the house we live in now, yes “we gotta get out of this place.”  This lovely, barbed-wire-bound ten ring circus is the result. And if the current deal falls through then we get to shake hands all around and start all over again.

I’m told that most people survive this. It’s driving me nuts. I’d much rather be strumming on a street corner on a rainy day.

At least it would be fun.


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We’re moving. Don’t know for sure when or where yet (though we have a place in mind and escrow started) but that’s just the tip: the turn was a complete surprise…

I sold my guitar today.

Bought it somewhere around 1980, learned folk tunes and later switched to classical play. Had to quit when hubby left me and two tiny boys for younger, less trying pastures. Caught in the throes of single-parent/corporate mania, the guitar waited, and I waited with it, for a ‘later’ that never really came.

I sold it today to a neighbor who understands.

The ‘turn’ that I never would have predicted: I also sold a dulcimer, an Oscar Schmidt traditional style instrument with a bright voice and possibly awful intonation. Fixing the action might have cured that but we never did jell… I couldn’t deal with the screw-end tuners and, in the angst of sorting too much stuff into “pack” and “sell” piles, discovered that I didn’t want to.

Two dulcimers is enough, right? Two dulcimers, one psaltery, one bodrhan and a centenarian concert zither in need of hospital care.

Yes, I’m keeping the zither, still don’t quite know why. It’s not playable, and I’m not sure it ever will be. Strange days…

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