Quick Update:

09 Mar

‘Cause I’m headed out of town and hate typing on my phone.

On Thursday last I took a few moments to write down all the tunes that I can play from memory –  whether or not the rendition is “professional” – along with the tunings that I can play them in, and a note on common fiddlers’ keys.

Surprise: that first list had better than twenty tunes on it, many in multiple keys/tunings.

Wow! What a confidence builder! And I keep adding more as I fiddle around on the instrument and discover yet another tune for the list. The first page is just about full, and there’s more in my head; I can feel them all clamoring.

No more fuddling around at jams: I have my set list up front and ready; no need to scramble through the book every time it’s my turn to lead.

This all started when I met up with a dedicated ‘old-time’ player who had just built his prototype “banjo-uke” tuned in the key of A. He asked what tunes I knew in that key, hence the need to list; I wasn’t sure!

When we met to play I tried out a set of tunings (Ionian A, as EAA and Dorian of A, as EAD) that would be suitable for noter-drone or fingerdance play and we had a great time until the coffee-shop manager came by and chased us off.

I hope we do it again… meanwhile, I’ve learned buckets about ‘reverse’ tunings (normal Ionian in A is AEA) and a whole lot more.

Will learning never cease?

I hope not… meanwhile, I’m off to California with Psaltery in hand (my smallest dulcimer doesn’t meet Amtrak specifications for carry on) and maybe a new write-up or three.

C ya soon…


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